Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. M-F

Location: East Area Medical Center


This position is responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitized environment in all Wellness Plan Medical Centers owned facilities. Must report broken equipment / dispensers to facilities via work order submission. Must adhere to OSHA / MI OSHA regulations for proper chemical labeling and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attire when necessary. This position reports directly to Supervisor, Material Distribution.

High school graduate or equivalent along with least two (2) years experience performing commercial cleaning in a healthcare environment. Monitor task checklist for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly responsibilities. Follow assigned tasks for proper cleaning of healthcare facilities and / or office building as scheduled. Daily exterior property pick up of large debris. Sweep, vacuum and mop floors. Clean and sanitize all touchable surfaces (counters, chairs, light switch plates, door handles, glass, etc.) as directed in scope of work. Monitor supply inventory for re-order points and report to supervisor. Maintain housekeeping closets and equipment. Report broken items in building that may need repair or replacement. Report problems with housekeeping equipment. Work with Custodial Team Leader to maintain quality of floors (tile and carpet). Clean and sanitize restrooms as required. Must utilize check lists daily to ensure all required cleaning has taken place. Cleaning areas include, but may not be limited to: offices, exam rooms, restrooms, break rooms, hallways, lobbies and conference rooms. Able to function interdependently as well as independently.


Knowledge and understanding of OSHA/MIOSHA regulations.