The incumbent is responsible to provide excellent customer service during all customer contact situations, internal and external. Receives visitors and patients to centers, determines nature of visit and directs to destination as appropriate. Processes encounters, determines members’ source or payment for services and collects fees. Verifies member eligibility, checks for co-pay and collect fee, electronically updates insurance information for billing purposes for non-TWP patients. Electronically updates patient demographics, center, and chart location. If patient is ineligible, determines other insurance/if not collects for service. Generates encounter form and requests chart, enters encounter form into EMR system, notifies patients of changes occurring affecting scheduled appointments. Answers phones, schedules appointments, prepares appointment schedules for distribution each day, maintains accurate up-to-date files. Presents record forms to patient for information as well as signature, if necessary. Updates records for no-shows and for patients who left without being seen, makes appointments for and provides information on referrals. Updates patient immunization records outside of TWP. Maintains positive and productive interpersonal relationships with patients, providers and other health service staff. Receives and prepares physician schedules according to physician work schedule provided by departmental chiefs, maintains and updates accurate records of physician availability. Provides appropriate reports to management as requested, communicates with supervisor any problems that may occur during daily operations. Works closely with health care units and other functional areas.


Formal education required: High school graduate or equivalent.

Experience/skills/ability required: Minimum of one year experience as a receptionist working in a health care environment. Working knowledge of computers. Good interpersonal skills and good math aptitude. Good communication and organizational skills. Detail oriented.

DESIRABLE: Experience working at an FQHC/in a health care environment. Working knowledge of Electronic Medical Record (EMR).