The Wellness Plan Medical Centers understands that not all of our patients are able to visit us during business hours, or have a lifestyle that permits scheduling appointments far in advance. With this aspect in mind, we have quality medical professionals available when they are needed. We offer a comfortable, convenient space for patients to see trusted medical professionals on their own time. On our Locations Page, you will find which of our medical centers have extended hours on days that work for you and your family’s schedule.

After Hours and Walk-ins

The Wellness Plan Medical Centers provides medical services at their quick, quality locations where no appointments are necessary. Your health is not by appointment, so why should immediate care have to be? Our sites offer a convenient comfortable, and cost-efficient alternative for quick care rather than going to the emergency room, or waiting to make an appointment with your primary care physician. The Wellness Plan Medical Centers treats a wide variety of injuries from sprains, cuts, abrasions, and contusions. We also care for cold and flu symptoms, allergy injections, flu shots, and limited vaccinations.